“The inertia force of the rotating parts of the patented PTO acts outside the plane of the reciprocating movement of the parts and does not affect the resistance to the movement of the piston and gear”

Nikolay Pozdnyakov, research engineer

Replacing the crank mechanism with the patented PTO allows the ICE NG to significantly improve the energy transfer from the piston to the output shaft of the engine.

​The PTO has a simple, technologically advanced and highly reliable design, in which effective mutual connections and forced synchronization of the work of all structural elements are ensured.


Due to the nature of the movements in different planes and the balanced distribution of masses, the resistance to movement in the patented design is negligible.

 The innovation of the new drive lies in the transfer of reciprocating motion of the pistons to the two-sided rotation of the power take-off shafts, which allows not to lose a significant part of the working force, which is absorbed by the crankshaft's own movement.


The exclusion from the workflow of the inertial forces inherent in the crank mechanism, as well as a halving of the engine speed, significantly increase the engine life of the New Generation ICE compared to the traditional ICE.

The choice of the design parameters of the PTO based on scientifically based techniques developed by us and computer modeling will allow us to obtain the necessary dynamic properties of the mechanism, to ensure its strength and durability.

Power take-off

The power take-off device converts the reciprocating motion of the piston into the rotational motion of the output shaft. The main advantage of the PTO is the more economical conversion of the types of movement compared to the crank mechanism due to the fact that the four-stroke cycle occurs in one revolution of the output shaft.



Kinematics and dynamics of PTO
A methodology has been created for determining the kinematic and dynamic parameters of ICE NG equipped with PTO
PTO prototype
The work of the prototype of the patented power take-off device
New principles for creating torque
The principal advantages of a piston ICE equipped with a PTO are substantiated.
Kinematics and Dynamics Modeling
Project for the development of dynamic computer models of a power take-off device and simulation of loads in the elements of the mechanism
Fuel Economy Modeling
Computational studies of fuel economy of cars equipped with engines with a patented power take-off in standardized driving cycles

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