“ICE of the New Generation does not affect the theoretical foundations of traditional internal combustion engines.

Its difference from them only in a more efficient way of converting the energy of the work process”.

Pavel Shaplyko, inventor

Expert Opinions
Vladimir Boykov
doctor of technical sciences, professor
Vladimir Korobkin
doctor of technical sciences, professor

To implement environmental approaches and eliminate the unreasonable consumption of material earth resources, the traditional way of increasing the capacity of a classic engine used is a dead end.


The proposed patented device (Eurasian patent No. 025961 (B1), in our opinion, can be used as a way out of the impasse for the further development, improvement and application of classic ICEs.


The authors proposed a unique inherently method and mechanism for transmitting a more significant force from the piston stroke with an increased lever arm.


This allows, while maintaining the required power, to use cylinders of a smaller volume, which accordingly will lead to a decrease in fuel consumption, overall dimensions and engine weight.


ICE NG for a car

Electric car

Electric motor + traditional ICE

ICE New Generation

Electric motor + ICE of the New Generation


In terms of its performance, ICE NG Green Ant significantly exceeds the traditional ICE and can be used as an independent power plant.


Especially appropriate is the use of ICE NG in a hybrid propulsion system of a passenger car.


In the city at relatively low speeds, only an electric motor can be used, powered by small batteries and providing a range of 40 ... 50 km, and when leaving the city, an economical and powerful ICE of the New Generation can be switched on.

At the same time, the electric motor can be used as a generator to recharge the battery. 

A car equipped with a new economical engine does not conflict with an electric car, since the ICE Green Ant will firmly occupy its niche in the hybrid power plant of a car with an electric motor.

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